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Why to download What's Best

Do you need a second opinion on What's Best? The average person asks friends and family, if this looks okay, and the person always replies yes. Frankly, they really do not care and are appeasing you. BUT WE CARE!

Have friends and other users vote on pictures and videos, to help you decide:

  • On anything…
  • Clothes
  • Foods
  • Accessories
  • Profile pictures
  • Cars
  • Gifts
  • Selfies
  • Designs
  • Art
  • Sports teams
  • Locations
  • The possibilities are endless …

Compare and contrast any images and videos, and get a second opinion, so you can move forward and be assured and confident you made the right decision.

Business Owners:
Do you own a business or company were you need to compare items and need customer feedback? The What’s Best app will allow your business to send your designs/layouts/products to partners and customers. Have clients and partners quickly vote on items/materials/ideas/etc… desired to move forward with, getting a customer and/or colleagues preference in real time.


Social media and the web have changed the way we interact. Download the What's Best app to vote on images and videos to have users and friends vote on your top picks. Help out other users by voting and selecting their pictures by rating them. What do you think is Best?

  • Just send a selfie, upload previous images, or snap a photo/video, and have your friends and other users help choose with you by voting on your images/videos, send up to five (5) pictures/ videos at one (1) time
  • Download the What's Best App as a user to help give advice to bold individuals who dare to share and/or share your own photos/videos.
  • You have the option to limit your selection of who to share with.
  • Other social sites lack the passionate concentrated opinions on this specific subject of What's Best.
  • Download the app to get a simple black or white answer (pun intended), with an explanation of why.

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